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Foster Parent FAQ

What are the criteria for becoming a foster parent?

Must be at least 21 years of age, with at least a high school education. Must be willing to submit (and pass) a Criminal History Background Check, a credit check, a DMV driver’s check, health examinations and drug screenings. Foster parents must demonstrate moral character, daily lifestyle, and personal behaviors that are congruent with the community standards of Raintree Village Board of Directors. Must have a wholesome philosophy of life and a love for children; should possess a cooperative spirit and work with the entire staff in the best interest of the child.

What are the steps to becoming a foster parent?

If interested, contact our Director of Social Services (Kate Leverett,
kleverett@raintreevillage.org (229) 559-5944). You will be asked to fill out an application. This application will require your permission for us to conduct background checks. Once the application is approved, a home evaluation and assessment will be scheduled. A Case Support Worker from Raintree Village will be assigned to you and will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. You will become a “certified” Raintree Village foster parent once all evaluations and assessments are completed. Then the fun begins!

Is there funding available for foster parents?

Foster parents are reimbursed for their care of foster children. This is referred to as a Foster “per diem.” Money received by foster parents is not subject to taxes or considered income. Foster parents are paid a daily per diem based on the number of children in the home, the ages of the children in the home, and the program type. Raintree Village distributes per diems to foster parents bi-weekly (every other Thursday), based on the previous two weeks’ child counts/ages/program types.

How long before a child can be placed in my care?

There is no “waiting period” after your foster home is approved. It is not uncommon for foster parents to accept their first placement within days of their home being approved.

Can I decide the age of the child that I foster?

During your home study, you will be interviewed on the children that you feel you could best foster. We will ask you placement questions such as age range, sex and sibling groups. The placement team will use this information to match foster children with foster homes.

How many bedrooms do I need to foster a child?

Every child requires a bedroom for sleeping. However, every child does not need his/her own bedroom. The state of Georgia has certain standards, which will be discussed with you during the application process.

Is training involved?

Yes, all prospective foster parents must complete IMPACT training before a child can be placed in the home. Raintree Village provides additional annual training on a variety of topics.

I’m interested in being a foster parent. Why should I choose Raintree Village Children and Family Services?

Raintree Village provides unmatched support to our foster families through case management, professional and moral support, and required documentation. As a Christian ministry, we believe in the importance of service, dedication and commitment. We see children, youth and adults as valuable (made in the image of God) and strive to practice the Golden Rule in all areas of work. Raintree Village has a proven track record of service, making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children and youth for over fifty years! We pride ourselves on “going the extra mile.” And, the icing on the cake, we provide a competitive foster parent per diem!

Offering children and youth an opportunity for a future by instilling within them a strong FAITH in God, a HOPE for a better tomorrow, and a LOVE for self and others.